Goal Met Sexy Obtained

07 Jul 2013

I reached my goal and then some. My lowest weight between now and my previous post was around 179.8 lbs, and my official weight on on the fourth was 184 lbs.

I think the most surprising thing was just how easy it was. I’m almost always hearing people talk about how hard weight loss is, and in my experience, it just isn’t true. I think the problem is that people believe weight loss happens in the gym. Just a tiny bit of research quickly reveals that weight loss happens in the kitchen.

Cardio is often seen as the most crucial part of any weight loss program, and people are often advised to up their cardio time or intensity when they aren’t making progress. While this will help some, consider that each mile an average male runs only burns ~130 Calories. That’s less than a can of Coke, about the same amount in a large banana, or about an egg. I know there are people out there than can enjoyably run mile after mile for hours, but for me (and I would assume most overweight people) running is hell. It is so much easier just to skip the daily Coke with lunch than it is to tack on an extra mile to your work out.

Personally my work out included as little cardio as possible, I lifted heavy 4-5 times a week and ran less than a mile each time. My weight loss primarily came from my caloric deficit.