Weekly Fitness Update

08 May 2013

I'm just barely under 200 lbs now, making me lighter than I have been for about two years. While I know that at least a portion of that loss is probably temporary, I'm really astonished at how easy it has been for me to drop my weight. I've been dieting and working out for about a month and I've lost about 15 lbs.

I think that the most surprising thing is that so far I've only really felt hungry after eating one time. I thought this would be much harder, I'd feel hungry all the time, be irritable and tired; but that just isn't the case. I feel that I have the same amount of energy day to day as before, and even more energy in the gym (I literally jumped for joy when I found I could do an unassisted pull up again last night).

I really think that loads more people would be in better shape if they would take some time to get educated. I'm still eating out several times a week, and doing less than a mile of cardio 5-6 times a week, and I'm still steadily losing weight. I'm even losing about twice as fast as I planned.


Week 3's weight loss progress.

I was busy painting my house in preparation for new carpet last week and didn't get to the gym (where I weight myself), so this doesn't reflect my actual weight for the week. There was progress, which you will see next week I assure you.


Date Goal weight Actual Weight Daily Calorie Goal Calories Protein Carbs Food Log
4/26 209.08 205.5 1,540 753 58.85 114.2 Campbell's Chunky steak and potato soup, 6 oz Chicken breast + bbq, 1 cup cooked rice, 1 banana
4/27 208.80 205.5 1,538 850 85.7 48.2 4 scrambled eggs, 8 oz chicken breast, 1 yoplait boston creampie yogurt, 1 banana
4/28 208.52 205.5 1,536 2230 80.28 278.77 10" Club from Penn Station, 1 Med Cheesequake Blizzard, 2 bananas
4/29 208.25 205.5 1,534 1424 ?? ?? Mac's Western Skillet, 6 oz Chicken Breast, 1 banana, 1 cup canned corn
4/30 207.97 205.5 1,532 2207 70.62 276.05 6 inch Italian + half a cookie from Penn Station, 1 bowl of Spaghetti and meatballs, 1 banana
5/1 207.69 205.5 1,529 1220 76.6 148.2 1 crunchwrap supreme from TBell, 8 oz Chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 2 peanut butter blossoms
5/2 207.42 205.5 1,527 3036 ?? ?? 1 Western Skillet, 60? oz of cherry coke, 12 desert heat boneless wings from bdubs + ranch, 4 peanut butter blossoms

Where I need improvement

I've got a hard time turning down opportunities to go to lunch. Last week I sent out to lunch 4 times, trying but not necessarily succeeding in eating healthy. My normal lunch of soup runs anywhere from 220 Calories to 360 Calories, while just a 6" sub from Penn Station is over 770 Calories. Eating out for lunch really limits what I can have for dinner if I still try to come in under my daily goal.

My other big slip up was last Thursday. I spent the entire day at an Iron Man marathon that lead up to the release of Iron Man 3. That's the first day that I had soda in the entire month that I've been trying to lose weight. The soda fountain didn't have a water tap, and I wasn't going to give the bastards $5 for a bottle of water every movie. Obviously my diet for the day in general was shot, but I'm most upset about the soda as it was roughly 780 Calories that should have been simple to avoid.