First Friday Fitness Update

19 Apr 2013

I've been working on my get sexy goal for a little of a week now, and so far I've made some outstanding progress. I'm going to attempt to do an end of the week rehash on my progress, what I feel I did right, and what I feel I could do better.


Burn Down Chart

There is a tiny bit of weight loss that happened before I started recording my progress, but for the sake of clean data I'm going to ignore it. The three lines represent a linear progression from my starting weight (213.5 lbs) to my goal weight (190 lbs), my current weight, and the weight my Calorie intake says I should be at (based on some quick math I outlined here).

There are several reasons why it appears that I'm ahead of the game. The first is inaccuracy… your body weight can fluctuate day to day and even hour to hour.

Your weight can also drop pretty quickly when you first start working out and dieting. Less food intake at the start doesn't mean that your already a few pounds lighter, but it could mean that you have less food in your stomach waiting to be digested and expelled.

I think that the primary reason that my progress has been faster than expected is that I was very conservative in my estimates, and I didn't account for my calories burned working out. When I calculated my maintenance Calories, I used a sedentary calculation instead of an active one. The only reason I did this was because I really enjoy being ahead of my plan, and might burn out if I were ever behind.


Date Goal weight Actual Weight Daily Calorie Goal Calories Protein Carbs Food Log
4/10 213.50 213.50
4/11 213.22 211.75 1,570.30 1,219.60 119.40 113.50 8 oz chicken, 1 can Campbell's chunky beef and dumplings, 17 tater tots, 1 Oreo cookie, 2 tootsie rolls, 2 scoops protein powder
4/12 212.95 211.25 1,568.28 991.88 89.48 121.50 1 can of sirloin Campbell's chunky, 4.1 oz cooked chicken, 1 can of mandarin oranges, 2 scoops protein powder
4/13 212.67 209.88 1,566.27 2,038.00 126.00 32.00 4 eggs, 1 strip turkey bacon, 2 scoops brotein powder, 2 lettuce wrapped turkey burger, 375 ml of Vanilla Smirnoff Vodka
4/14 212.39 209.88 1,564.25 1,134.00 46.00 90.00 Double biscuit and gravy, 2 scrambled eggs
4/15 212.12 210.50 1,562.24 1,137.30 139.51 122.20 Hearty beef barley Campbell's chunky, 6.3 oz chicken breast (weighed before cooking), 1 cup cooked rice, 3 scoops protein powder
4/16 211.84 209.25 1,560.22 1,219.30 150.56 116.20 Campbell's chunky chicken gumbo, 2 scoops protein powder, 8.3 oz chicken (weighed before cooking), 1 cup cooked rice
4/17 211.56 208.50 1,558.20 1,234.55 137.18 135.20 Campbell's chunky sirloin burger soup, 6.05 oz chicken breast (weighed before cooking), 1 cup cooked rice, 1 banana, 3 scoops protein powder
4/18 211.29 209.00 1,556.19 929.55 109.88 101.20 Campbell's chunky steak and potato soup, 6.05 oz chicken breast, 1 cup cooked rice, 2 scoops protein powder


For this first week, I tried to ease into my workouts a bit. I tried to be sure that I wasn't going to be overly sore, too much so to go back to the gym. My basic routine was a half mile walk/jog, lifting for two different body groups, and finally a half mile walk/jog cool down.

For my lifting portion, I went everyday except Sunday. Monday was chest/biceps, Tuesday was back/triceps, Wednesday was legs/shoulders, and then started over for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I tried to get in three different exercises, with three sets each, for each body part.

Next week I plan on starting Max-OT from AST Sports Science, so look for some workout logs next update.

Where I Need Improvement

Overall I think I did well. I do think that I need to get more protein, which sadly will need to come from protein powder (anyone that says they like the taste is lying). I should have another post soon on why.

Saturday was the only real time that I faltered from my plan. I went out with some friends, and had planned on having one turkey burger (low carb, from Hardee's, and amazing), and enough calories left over for a few drinks.

I ended up eating two burgers, because drinking my protein shakes on an empty stomach was killing me. Also, I was up super late and ended up downing half the bottle of vodka that I got.