Get Sexy

13 Apr 2013

I didn't make a New Year's resolution this year, or any other year for that matter. I don't believe in them. I try, like anyone should, to change my behavior when I notice that there is a problem. All changes that happen in your life, happen over time. Waiting until the start of a new year doesn't make attempting that change any easier.

One of my more recent goals is to get sexy. Not fit, not healthy, not even stronger; just sexy… I think that anyone who starts a diet or a fitness regime has that as their ultimate desire. A lot of people won't admit to it, "I need to get in shape", "I want eat healthier, and take care of my body." Bullshit, you don't like the way you look, and you want to change it.

There isn't anything wrong with that, most people are unhappy with their appearance in one way or another. I think it is important to not lie about your goals, especially to yourself. I'm fat, I don't fit the clothes that I would like to anymore, and I couldn't care less about my mile time.

I'm going to change my body to look the way I want it to. I am going to do it with a researched plan. Finally I'm going to record my progress and thoughts here.